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  • Hamilton CBD Pedestrian wayfinding

    Project Details

    As part of the completion of the City Heart Project, a six-year programme to revitalise Hamilton’s CBD, DallowBoss was engaged to develop a CBD-focused pedestrian wayfinding system.

    The wayfinding installation adds flavour and context to the redeveloped streetscape, provides practical orientation and directions for visitors and builds the HamiltON brand presence on the street.

    Inspired by the region’s use of stainless steel in the diary industry, the robust structures carry navigation panels which utilise the bright green and grey HamiltON brand colourways. The map-based information communicates the layout of the city – with key destinations highlighted and the mighty Waikato River shown dissecting the city – allowing users to build their own mental maps to plan their journey.

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    Where's the river?

    A key goal of the wayfinding project was to communicate the city centre's connections to the mighty Waikato River. Although the river dissects the city, due to the flat topograpghy and how the river sits low in a gully, it's proximity is not at all obvious to many visitors and locals. There has been long-term development plan, driven by the Mayor, to activate Hamilton’s engagement with the river and a series of new landscaping and architectural elements are planned to again utilise the riverside. We envisage expanding the wayfinding elements into these new spaces.