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  • A new look for Smales Farm wayfinding

    Project Details

    As part of the Smales Farm evolution from a traditional office park to a “diverse urban community” a range of initiatives and developments are underway – a re-brand, major new buildings, landscape treatments and other site activations and events.

    The re-brand was the catalyst to change their existing signage, but the need to more widely review site-wide wayfinding provision was identified. DallowBoss was engaged to prepare a wayfinding review and identify opportunities for site treatments to assist navigation, improve site presence and reinforce the new brand character on the site.

    Primary markers, parking, vehicle directional and pedestrian elements have been installed so far which present the new brand language. A refreshed site map has been generated, adding details suitable for pedestrian use and orientated to specific placements on site.

    A series of secondary signage is to follow, and as Smales Farm completes this stage of development it is envisaged that a series of pedestrian signage will be developed to connect the new spaces and encourage walking.