Dunedin Centre signage 01

The Dunedin Centre


Wayfinding Strategy & Design


Dunedin Venues, Dunedin City Council

Three of New Zealand’s most significant heritage buildings owned by Dunedin City Council – The Dunedin Town Hall, The Glenroy Theatre and The Municipal Chambers – underwent a total refurbishment and now operate as The Dunedin Centre.

DallowBoss was commissioned to devise a wayfinding strategy that catered for new inter-connectivity within the mixed-use, multi-level venue. Through consultation with the lead architects OPUS and our partners Programmed Property Services, it was determined that wayfinding elements were to be designed as distinct ‘new’ elements within the heritage spaces.

The use of exploded floor plans at key locations, and three different colourways for the three destinations, gives visitors a chance to orient themselves and understand the connections to other venues, while directional signage provides immediate directions to primary destinations.