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  • Te Kotuku Maternity Unit Wayfinding

    Project Details

    Continuing our relationship with the Northland DHB team at Whangarei Hospital we have delivered the wayfinding component of the new Te Kotuku Maternity Unit. The $9.8-million unit, a key element in the hospital’s long term development plan, replaces the previous 40-year-old facility and brings all maternity services together under one roof.

    The Te Kotuku (White Heron) Unit required simple but effective directional and room identification signage to meet staff and visitor needs, as well as comprehensively presenting Te Reo and English languages. In collaboration with the client DallowBoss devised an information hierarchy that accounted for levels of room importance for staff and visitor use. The hospital’s existing signage guidelines were evolved to enable the inclusion of both languages but also to align the aesthetic with the overall project vision of ‘hotel not hospital’.

    Hotel not Hospital

    A key goal for the unit was to be more Hotel not Hospital. By using a dark grey colourway with flashes of their usual clinical hospital blue, the signage sits comfortably with the palette of interior colours and materials. But to add visual interest and further define the most significant rooms, large scale, colourful photographic wallpaper treatments surround the entries to the 5 birthing rooms - named after native New Zealand plants. In addition, large format black and white photography of local whanau, carved and mosaic entry artwork all combine to create a unique and colourful environment that celebrates birth.