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  • Wayfinding at Whangarei Hospital

    Project Details

    Major site changes are underway at Whangarei Hospital, including new pay-for-parking systems and the construction of new Maternity, Administration and ER facilities. With these changes, and regular issues with lost visitors, the time was right to review the approach to site-wide vehicle and pedestrian navigation.

    DallowBoss was engaged to provide wayfinding strategy and design services to Northland DHB, collaborating with Programmed Property Services who are managing the production and installation process. Working closely with the Northland DHB team, an approach for information delivery has been devised that provides a structured hierarchy and a branded format for the elements that visitors encounter.

    The previous signage had become ad hoc – lacking logic, consistency and an information hierarchy that related to the user journey. The first items to be installed solve some of the immediate issues around identifying car parks and entries – bringing a unifying language to the information and using a suite of new modular structures that provide greater authority and recognition.

    Further stages of work to review building identification and interior wayfinding are anticpated for 2016, while interior signage for the new Te Kotuku Maternity Unit have recently been completed by DallowBoss – view the project here.